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Membership Type: Organization - Support Member

It's a joint effort. And the credit is shared.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Organizations in good standing, having less than 100 employees.
  • Must be willing to involve or support in research and development of epfu standards on a continual basis. This may be in the form of knowledge sharing, provision of human resources and/or financial support.
  • Must declare their allegiance to epfu by agreeing not to use any and all confidential or classified information, accessed as an epfu Support Member, for commercial purposes.
  • Must be willing to propagate the adoption of epfu standards worldwide.


  • Such members may use epfu Support Member logo for the brand enhancement including through inclusions in letter heads, business cards etc.
  • Logos of support members will be displayed on epfu website on selective basis after a minimum of 3 months after joining, subject to satisfactory participation and value additions provided towards the development and propagation of epfu standards.
  • Priority in sponsorship opportunities at annual epfu conferences.

Financial Involvement:

Please apply online by selecting the appropriate membership. (Privilege, Corporate, Support) to get more information on financial involvement.

Special Note:

epfu reserves the right to accept or reject membership applications on the basis of the above criteria.

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