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When a problem continues to frustrate, someone must come up with a solution! What if it is an elegant solution ? Read on.


Artists keep portfolios of their work and employees create resumes - essential factors that sell their credentials. Letters of appreciation, certificates of achievements and the like add to the value of the job seeker.

In today's fast paced world of lesser time, longer distances, swift turnarounds and increased competition, a conventional resume hardly does justice to either the employee or the employer. Disparate formats, lack of data availability in suitable formats for intelligent searches and non-verifiable claims of candidates add to the challenges of the growing recruitment industry.

Introducing Employee Portfolio (EPF)

epfu.org is a non-profit organization focused on standards for employee portfolio. epfu standards aim at collectively benefiting prospective employees, employers and recruitment consultants.

epfu is a network of independent organizations and HR professionals, currently from 9 countries and growing at a rapid pace. epfu.org committee coordinates the network.

The standards facilitate uniformity of format and searchability of data while also ensuring common fields to meet the needs of diverse scope across the globe.

epfu fulfills the criteria of standards by setting and defining detailed parameters and conditions related to employee portfolio. The standards facilitates uniformity in format and searchable data while also ensuring common fields of data entry to meet the needs of diverse scope across the globe.

Criteria, parameters and factors considered in the EPF standards include, but are not limited to

  • Structure, sequence and flow of the employee portfolio
  • Common suitability for all industries and skills
  • Common suitability for all countries and regions
  • Mandatory and non-mandatory fields
  • Provision to add custom data in a searchable manner
  • Number of characters in each field
  • Data security parameters and
  • Data verification facility

epfu capture the following details of the owner:

Item Mandatory Information Optional Information
General EPF Title, Objectives  
Personal Profile Name, Gender, Marital status, Nationality, Date of birth, Permanent & Present Address, Contact numbers, E-mail ids, Native Language Photo, Other known languages, Total work experience, Expected salary, Driving license (countries), Preferred location of work, International work permits, General references, Outstanding Achievements, Extracurricular activities, Hobbies, Medical history
Academic Profile Education level, Major field of study, Name of course, Institution location (country, city), Year of completion, Course duration, Mode of study Name of institution, Name of university / board, Percentage / Grade, Membership of professional bodies
Skills summary Career / Industry focus, Expertise, Proficiency level, Experience, Last used Skill
Work experience Organization name, Location (country, city), Career focus, Title /Position, Nature of employment, From/To, Job Profile, Work highlights / accomplishments Employer / work reference
Projects Project title, Industry focus of the project, Career focus, Role/Position, Project technology / expertise, Location country & city, Nature of engagement, Client & project description, Start date & End date Name of the client

epfu must comply with the following conditions:

  1. The EPF should be wholly owned by one stakeholder and should not accessible to any other stakeholder without the owner's permission, except under the terms of the Data Protection Act (DPA). This defines the term "ownership"
  2. The EPF may be shared with another stakeholder having rights to access information with the permission of the owner, but having no rights to make amendments. This defines the term "information rights"
  3. Information contained in the EPF may be held or compiled on behalf of a stakeholder by a service provider with no direct interest in the information itself. This defines the term "stewardship".

epfu invites qualifying organizations and institutions to create portals enabling individuals to create and edit epfu as per the above standards.

Qualifying organizations will receive inputs to set up EPF creation portals.

EPF creation portals officially authorized by epfu will bear its seal of approval. Currently, epfu certifies EPF creation portals to three levels of conformity, level 3 being the highest.

The basis of the three levels of certification is as follows:

Level 1: The EPF creation portal captures all the mandatory and optional fields in accordance to the epfu standards.

The portal owner should not have a direct interest in the information contained in the epfu. As such the portal owner must be willing to provide EPF creation services without storing any data in line with the "stewardship" clause of epfu.

Level 2: EPF creation portal provides for data protection rights as stated in the epfu standards.

The portal must enable "ownership" of data in accordance to epfu standards such that no other stakeholder may be able to access information contained in the EPF without the consent of the EPF owner.

Level 3: EPF creation portal enables third party certification of the candidate's EPF as per the stipulated guidelines of epfu standards.

The portal must provide access to third party certification agencies to view the information contained in the EPF. It must allow them to include their inputs related to validation of credentials specified in the EPF.

However, the certification agencies may not have the ability to amend or alter the data of the "owner" thus complying with the "information rights" of epfu standards.

Apply to set up an EPF creation portal here.

epfu is constantly engaged in assessing the challenges of the human resources industry and enabling global solutions through technological innovations.

epfu welcomes organizations and individuals committed to enhancing the standards of the employment industry worldwide to participate and support its activities.

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