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Creating and processing Employee Portfolios - simplified


As a common practice followed till the introduction of epfu, prospective employers and employment agencies invite resumes from potential candidates.

The common means of response are as follows:

  • Candidate fills up details on the Advertiser's website
  • Candidate uploads resume on Advertiser's website or submits resume by e-mail
  • Candidate faxes or couriers resume

In the above described mode of resume processing, organizations face the challenges of

  • Finding the few genuinely suitable candidates against the thousands of resumes received
  • Hours of engaging expensive resources to sort and short-list suitable candidates
  • Lack of assurance on the actual levels of skill sets claimed by the applicant

Candidates face the challenges of

  • Repeatedly entering information at various advertisers' sites
  • Disparate formats of data entry among different advertisers, regionally and globally.

epfu provides a simple, yet powerful solution to the above challenges by establishing and defining standards and related parameters for employee portfolio.

Criteria, parameters and factors considered in the building of EPF standards include, but are not limited to

  • Structure, sequence and flow of the employee portfolio
  • Common suitability for all industries and skills
  • Common suitability for all countries and regions
  • Mandatory and non-mandatory fields
  • Provision to add non-provisioned data in a searchable manner
  • Number of characters in each field
  • Data security parameters and
  • Data verification facility

epfu submitted by candidates may conform to one of the following levels set by epfu:

Level 1: The EPF contains all the mandatory and optional fields in accordance to the EPF standards.

Level 2: The EPF has been encrypted to comply with data protection rights mentioned in the EPF standards.

Level 3: The EPF has undergone / is suitable for third party certification as per the stipulated guidelines of EPF standards.

epfu created according to epfu standards enables organizations to instantly search and find exact or near matches as per their specific requirements of skills, knowledge and experience.

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