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Frequently asked questions

When in doubt, ask.


  1. Who can join epfu?

    epfu offers different types of memberships for both organizations and individuals. In short, if you share our passion, you are welcome to join!

    epfu memberships are conceived to be a win-win for the epfu as well as the members.

  2. How to Join

    Click here to apply online

  3. How is epfu operated?

    epfu is a not-for-profit organisation. Subscriptions paid by members are utilized to meet the operational cost of epfu including ongoing research & development.

  4. Where can I create an EPF?

    Many portal owners have come forward to allow creation of EPF as per the standards published by epfu.org. Each such portal is evaluated and certified by epfu at Level 1, Level 2 etc. Please see News section from time to time for references to sites which offer EPF services.

  5. Is there a charge to create an EPF?

    It is the discretion of the portal owners whether EPF services are charged or not. We would like to encourage and promote portal owners who provide EPF services FREE of cost by providing them prominence in our News section.

  6. What are the future roll-out plans of epfu?

    We are continually engaged in research and development to adapt and accommodate the latest trends and demands in the recruitment industry. You are welcome to regularly visit our 'news' section to keep abreast on latest developments at epfu.

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