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EPF Portal Owner

It's a joint effort. And the credit is shared.


epfu invites qualifying organizations to apply for consideration as EPF Creation Portal Owner.

Such portals are subject to review and approval by epfu prior to release to the market.

EPF creation portals officially authorized by epfu will bear the seal of approval from epfu. Currently, epfu certifies EPF creation portals to three levels of conformity, level 3 being the highest.

The basis of the three levels of certification is as follows:

Level 1: The EPF creation portal captures all the mandatory and optional fields in accordance to the EPF standards. The said portal must undergo satisfactory testing to ensure that the data is not stored in the portal.

Level 2: EPF creation portal provides for encryption of the data to comply with data protection rights mentioned in the EPF standards.

Level 3: EPF creation portal enables third party certification of the candidate's EPF as per the stipulated guidelines of EPF standards.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Organizations willing to provide web portals to create and edit epfu, free of charge.
  • Must declare their allegiance to epfu by agreeing not to provide similar services to other standards that may evolve anytime in the future for the recruitment industry.
  • Must declare their allegiance to epfu by agreeing not to use any and all confidential or classified information, accessed as an EPF portal owner, for purposes other than those specified in the agreement.
  • Must agree to subjecting EPF portal for approval by epfu prior to launching the portal to the general public.
  • Must agree to continually work in conjunction with epfu to enhance the features of the EPF portal to reach higher levels of conformity as set by epfu.
  • Must be willing to propagate the adoption of epfu standards worldwide.


  • Such members may use epfu Member logo for the brand enhancement including through inclusions in letter heads, business cards etc.
  • Logos of EPF portal owners will be displayed on epfu website after attaining conformity certification.
  • Upto 5 individuals nominated by EPF portal owners may enjoy full access to restricted areas in epfu online discussion forum. Participate in sharing of knowledge and ideas in these advanced zones of the forum and establish your elite status among other industry leaders and functional experts.
  • Upto 5 individuals nominated by EPF portal owners may enjoy 'Author' status on epfu blog. Create and maintain thought leadership and expert status in the epfu blog community.
  • Priority in sponsorship opportunities at annual epfu conferences.

Special Note:

epfu reserves the right to accept or reject membership applications on the basis of the above criteria.

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