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Career Advancement: Do More than Expected to Get Ahead

You are smart. You are ambitious. And you deserve to keep progressing in your career. But how do you find ways to stand out from the crowd? This article covers one of the most effective ways of achieving this - doing more than expected.


One of the best things you can do to increase your career advancement opportunities where you work is to do more than expected.

It's often not enough to just do a fine job and expect promotions now and then based on longevity.

So find opportunities to show you can handle more responsibility or different duties than those in your job description.

Here's one example from my own personal experience.

I had a great job as the executive assistant to the general manager. But I often didn't have enough to do to keep me busy.

I hate being bored, and I enjoy writing. So I began writing articles and submitting them for the employee newsletter, even though none were solicited.

The editor liked what I wrote, and every article I submitted was accepted and published. Readers even began looking forward to my articles.

One day the editor left for a position with another company.

Having already demonstrated my writing talent, I was asked to apply for the job.

I had to go through the standard hiring process and compete with other applicants, but because I had volunteered to write articles, the hiring manager had first-hand knowledge of my capabilities and I was hired.

Not only was this a promotion, it was a move into a position that I found much more challenging and rewarding.
So look around and take advantage of opportunities to do more than expected.

You'll enjoy more job satisfaction, help others, and - just maybe - get rewarded for your efforts!


Written by Bonnie Lowe, Best Interview Strategies Bonnie is the creator of The Job Interview Success System "Everything You Need To Know and Do Before, During, And After Your Job Interview To Blow Away The Competition And Get Hired!"



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